Hatha Vinyasa Core strenghtening with ball
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In this class the students flow from one pose to the other with the breath and they stay in some poses for some few breaths to deepen the pose. The teacher specializes in taking her students to a deeper connection with their mind, body and spirit with her precise instructions that help them to train and focus their mind with the present moment through the practice. She works with props like bolsters, straps, blankets, blocks, etc., so that the students can do the pose correctly even if they don´t have the flexibility yet. Her class is for beginners and intermediates. Core strength is essential for our total overall well being, not only physically but mentally. The body is deeply connected to the mind. In this class you will not only gain core strength quickly but also tips on mental balance through breath . Tanya is a yoga instructor certified in the U.S. with the renowned teacher Rodney Yee. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and also keeps deepening her practice with other teachers.
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