Shaktany Shaktany is a concept where we integrate experiences that make us feel good internally and externally. The name Shaktany is composed by the word Shakty that means the power of the feminine in Sanscrit and the name of the founder Tanya. It is important to learn to connect with our internal space so we can feel good. In our beautiful studio you can find diverse classes and experiences with different teachers and techniques that can help you to nurture and connect with your inner self, so that you can live a more happy and fulfilled life. In our studio you will find a peaceful and harmonious environment that will help you to connect to your practice. In our store you can find yoga clothes and props. In our boutique we offer beautiful clothes and accessories for women that we lovingly and carefully bring to you in order to make you feel pretty and comfortable with yourself. Our products come from different parts of Mexico and other parts of the world. You can also find items to decorate your personal space in a fun and elegant manner. Welcome to this experience! Namaste